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Hi I’m Paul,

From myself and the luminex team, thank you for visiting today!

How it began..

My wife Brenda (the incredible woman pictured) and I moved to beautiful Northern Michigan 5 years ago In the attempt to spend more time together as a family and be more involved in volunteer work. we knew Traverse City was the right place for us to start fresh (both having roots here ) we packed our bags and Moved north. Sounds so adventurous right?!… Well it sounds easy on paper ha! This meant big changes for our little family mostly it required a change in my profession and not knowing where to start.


A former Rail Conductor of 12 years, taking the leap to Traverse City meant a new career.

Enter my brother in law. A service entrepreneur who has owned his window cleaning company in Metro Detroit for over 15 years. With long hours, intense practice and a perfectionist as a trainer i could not have gained more knowledge and skill from a better person. The next step how to Get started.

Fast Forward…

With a new trade, New house, new move it all seemed a bit daunting. Thankfully with help from good friends i was put in touch with a few other window cleaners in the area who were looking for subcontractors. Eventually leading me to Luminex. Originally owned by another great couple and our dear friends T.J & Lacy. As I began to work for them full time I came to an opportunity where our two families were in a perfect position to help each other out. In 2016 They were relocating out of the country and i was offered to buy Luminex. Brenda and I decided it was the right move and have continued to instill the unmatched business practices and approach as did the Mcmanus family before us.


Brenda and I continue to enjoy this area as most everyone who lives here! Located n Traverse City, we love outdoor activities especially biking & kayaking. She loves the beach (i love the shade) She wins every time. I love the game of hockey. Playing it, watching it, no matter I am a fan thru and thru.

The two of us have been married 14 years and are happy to say that our move did provide us the ability to volunteer more! In 2017 We had the privilege of being able to assist in Victoria, Texas for disaster relief work after hurricane Harvey hit. We had one of the best experiences of our life, given it was a devastating situation. We hope to continue to be available to help in this same field in the future.


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The behind the scenes machine. Brenda helps with scheduling and customer service so we can continue to provide exceptional on the job care.


Always smiling, Chesney is an essential part of our team and and adds a bright element to the crew! With a wonderful work ethic and attention to fine detail she is truly a pleasure to have.


A cheerful and attentive team player, Sawyer brings a comfortable and efficent dynamic to the crew, and you might often see him paired alongside Chesney (his wife!) which is always a great combo!


Meticulous and relaxed, Jeremy helps to obtain a detailed clean alongside caring for personal property while doing so. A hard worker who ensures a job well done!